Tar and Chip Driveways Provided by Our Team in Essex

Tar and chip driveways is a cost-effective and durable solution for surfacing driveways. This method involves applying a layer of hot liquid asphalt, followed by a layer of small stones or chips. The result is a textured, skid-resistant surface that provides excellent traction and durability. At Heritage Resurfacing Ltd, we specialise in crafting tar and chip driveways, providing an incredibly effective resurfacing option for your property. Serving clients in Harlow, Essex, and the Home Counties, we tailor this process to meet our customers' preferences, offering a range of stones, colors, and sizes for a personalised finish.

Tar and chip driveway being applied, contrasting texture of chips with asphalt service

How It Works

This popular surface choice is achieved through spreading liquid asphalt over existing gravel and adding a layer of stone chips to the asphalt. The stone chips, after being compressed into the liquid asphalt, make for a durable, attractive-looking surface.

Completed to High Standards

With a wealth of experience in supplying and installing tar and chip, our trained team make sure our work is always finished to a high standard. All work is checked by a senior member of the team to ensure the desired results have been achieved. We follow your requirements to the letter, ensuring we meet your budget and timescale, to deliver the best solution for your property.

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